Taxonomic notes on some neotropical skippers (Lepidoptera: Hesperidae): Pyrgus, Heliopyrgus, and Heliopetes (Pyrginae)


  • George T. Austin Nevada State Museum and Historical Society
  • Andrew D. Warren Oregon State University

Palabras clave:

Lepidoptera: Hesperidae, neotropical, taxonomic.


The status of some Neotropical Pyrginae (Lepidoptera: Hesperidae) is examined in relation to the taxonomy of Evans (1953). The identity of Heliopyrgus Herrera, 1957 as a genus distincs from Heliopetes Billberg, (1820) and pyrgus Hubner, (1819), is confirmed. In addition, some taxa for which there has been a status change since Evans (1953) without documentation are discussed and evaluated. Revised statuses are proposed for pyrgus oreynoides (Giacomelli, 1928); Pyrgus brenda Evans 1942, and Heliopetes nivella (Mabile, 1883)}; new status is proposed for Heliopetes marginata Hayward, 1940; and a new combination is proposed for Heliopyrgus sublinea (Schaus, 1902).