Notes on Stenochiini Kirby, 1837 genera and species from western North America (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)




The tribe Stenochiini Kirby, 1837 comprises six genera in North America with most species occurring in the tropical and temperateregions of the continent. Only two species in the genus Strongylium Kirby, 1818 have previously been reported from west of theContinental Divide in the United States from Arizona and New Mexico and no members of the tribe have been reported from the stateof Sonora, Mexico. We here report Strongylium tenuicolle (Say, 1826), known to be widely distributed east of the Rocky Mountains,from west of the Continental Divide for the first time from both Arizona and New Mexico. We similarly report the first records ofboth Strongylium apache Triplehorn and Spilman, 1973 and Strongylium atrum Champion, 1888 from Sonora. Oploptera chamelensis(Doyen, 1990) was previously known only from the type series from Jalisco, Mexico and is here reported from Sonora, which thereby extends the known range of this genus significantly. To promote consistency in generic recognition, we propose the transfer of Oploptera simplicicollis (LeConte, 1878) New Combination from Strongylium for the species distributed across the southeastern United States. Species diagnoses are given, and generic boundaries are discussed along with the expected diversity of the Sonoran Desert region.


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