<em>Machadonannus brailovskyi</em> n. sp., una nueva especie de Schizopteridae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) de la región Afrotropical


  • Christiane Weirauch University of California, Riverside
  • Alexander Knyshov
  • Rochelle Hoey-Chamberlain



Palabras clave:

Heteroptera, Dipsocoromorpha, Afrotropical region, species discovery, taxonomy, morphology


Compared to the faunas of the Neotropical and Australian regions, the biodiversity of Afrotropical Dipsocoromorpha (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) is either relatively small or poorly documented. Only 37 species of Dipsocoromorpha, or minute litter bugs, have so far been reported from that biogeographic region. Recent residue sorting efforts of trap samples from Africa recovered >800 specimens of Schizopteridae. Most specimens belong to the genera Hypselosoma Reuter, 1884, Pinochius Carayon, 1949, Kokeshia Miyamoto, 1960, and Dundonannus Wygodzinsky, 1950, and closely related undescribed genera. We here focus on an apparently rarely collected genus, Machadonannus Wygodzinsky, 1950, that has remained monotypic so far, with the type species only known from Angola, and describe a new species, Machadonannus brailovskyi n. sp., from the Central African Republic. Habitus images are provided, as are light microscopical, macrophotographic, and confocal microscopical documentation of morphological features.


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