ACARIDA: New records of Uropodina mites from México, Guatemala, Belize and Costa Rica


  • María Magdalena Vázquez Universidad de Guadalajara
  • Hans Klompen Universidad de Guadalajara


Palabras clave:

Uropodina, Mites, México, Guatemala, Belice, Costa Rica, Tropical Forest.


In this paper are presented new records of Uropodina mites collected in different types of tropical forest from México, Belize and Guatemala, as well as in cloudy forest from México (Chiapas), Costa Rica and Guatemala. The collects were made in México: at Calakmul Biosphere Reserve; Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve; El Cielo Biosphere Reserve; Chetumal Bay; in Belize: at Chiquibul National Park, and Belmopan (U.B campus), in Guatemala: at Gran Reserva Maya and El Petén; in Costa Rica: at Limón, Valle del Silencio. 90 spp are reported belonging to 23 Genera and 19 Families. The Calakmul Biosphere Reserve in México and Costa Rica have the high species richness with 26 spp. the first and 15 the second. The third place is for Chetumal Bay in México with 14 spp., some of them are cited for the first time for México.